Problems rooting a mini...

Hi, folks,

I’ve been trying all summer to root cuttings of “Maman Ichiko,” one of my 2007 seedlings that I’m pretty sure is a mini, since it’s never gotten a cane more than about 15cm long. Absolutely no success. Every cutting I’ve made has died. The plant itself is odd, it’s very… rangy, I would say. Leaf nodes are few and far between, not like a normal mini. Very long, very thin canes. Maybe I should take a picture of the whole plant.

Anybody have any suggestions? It’s a really nice rose with a strong, luscious fragrance, the best I’ve bred so far in that way, and I’d really like to have more than one of it.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Bud-graft it.

Try layering. I have found it to be the fastest and most reliable way to reproduce roses. On the roses with stiff canes, I redirect the young growth towards the ground before they get stiff. Just scrape off some of the bark with your fingernail, add some rooting hormone, put it in the ground and keep the soil moist. Works best in a pot with typical potting soil. Layering in regular garden soil works most of the time, but the risk of rot is greater.