Probability of parentage?

Hi there, I’m finally getting some germinations from some OP seeds I got from a single Roseraie de l’H

Hi Max,

It’ll be fun to see what they will grow into. I have had seedlings from a cross of the rugosa ‘Pristine Pavement’ x ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ in the past and you can see the influence of SP with the smaller foliage and growth habit. Although parentage can be questionable sometimes, knowing what males would be possible and looking closely for key traits can often help pinpoint the most likely candidate.

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Thanks David, I’m really happy to see things growing…Roeraie’s hip was VERY early in the season, I think I picked it in September or even August right before school, so I need to check when I got that pollen to possibly rule out it’s involvement. So very happy in that respect, to get some germinations so early from my small batches of seeds. I get so flustered by you guys describing the hundreds of seeds and seedlings you deal with- I can barely have ten or more going without disappointment! (last year all my seedlings bit the dust…poor medium experimenting…know now not what to do there, keep it SOILESS.)

Part of me is hoping it is indeed a Stanwell cross, as any of such genetic oddities or jackpot I’d imagine be fun to work with.

I was so distraught, my Smith’s Parish was forming hips (looked like it was) that have yet to color and something came and ate them, very unforgiving, but probably better for the young plant though…

By the way, David, I keep meaning to send you the perennial seeds, they’ve been in my car all labeled in baggies!

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