Pretty Polly series

I got my 2020 Star Roses wholesale catalog in the mail and was flipping through it today. I always keep an eye on the patent names because I’m automatically interested if they start with “Rad” (Will Radler roses are generally tops for disease resistance.)

Anyways, I found myself wondering what breeder’s name started with “Z” and took a closer look…

David Zlesak has not one but three Zone 4 polyanthas in the catalog! Pretty Polly Lavender, Pink, and White. Pretty Polly White got a full page spread.

Congrats, Dave!!!

See photos.

I will get my order in early to try to get some of these for spring of 2020. Now that I mention it, I’m going to email and ask if they have any for this spring.

Marvelous! Congratulations, David!

Congrats Dave!

Thank you Joe and everyone!! :0) I sure love polyanthas and am very excited Star is introducing these. The white one and lavender one are half siblings and were seedlings way back in 1999. The Pink one is a seedling from 2008. I love the darker foliage of the white one against the blooms. The lavender one has a range of shades of color as the blooms open and mature and has extra petals. The pink one is very robust and has a little more R. wichurana in it with a little bit glossier leaves. The mom of the white and lavender ones was selected when I was in Rhinelander, WI in zone 3 for having extra crown hardiness. The mom has thornless stems and the white one is almost thornless as well. I love the mounded habits of them all and their flower power. They are wonderful compact flowering shrubs. Hopefully people will try them in pots and try to include them in borders with perennials and flowering accent plants.

The white and lavender ones have a bit more fragrance to my nose. They are all diploid and have some fertility. The lavender one has less stamens because so many have been converted to petaloids, but it does set some seed. I’m trying to combine richer colors and health moving forward. The more richly colored ones seem to not be quite as healthy so far generally, but progress is being made.

That’s wonderful for David. Congratulations!

David also has Oso Easy Pleasy, also a polyantha and a sibling of Pretty Polly Pink. Pleasy sets hips according to one of the patent pictures.

I was able to order 20 of each of the Pretty Polly colors for spring.

Here is the Star Roses website listing the Pretty Polly series: