Pretty Lady

I have heard reports that the blackspot resistance of Baby Love has broken down in some areas. Does anyone know if the same thing has happened to Pretty Lady? Since they are from the same breeder and display similar disease resistance traits in my area, I am assuming they are related.

The parentage of pretty lady is (seedling X (R. davidii elongata X seedling)) X ((Troika X Alpine Sunset) X Freedom)

the parentage of baby love is Sweet Magic X (Seedling x R. davidii elongata)

They deffinately both have R. davidii elongata in the parentage and maybe one of the seedlings used is the same but only the breeder would know for sure. The particular resistance is probably from R. davidii elongata. Their is definately reports out there that baby love does get blackspot in certain areas. This is probably due to a race of blackspot that can get around it specific vertical resistance. So I would think this same race would affect Pretty Lady in these areas and probably the knock out roses that where bred from baby love.

Theyre equally immune here, so I cannot offer my climate bias for you.

Adam, The parentage of Pretty Lady was not listed on, so I appreciate you listing it. It such a shame that Baby Love gets blackspot in certain areas. It is such a great rose here in PA.

Jadae, I am glad to hear that it is immune in your area as well. I hope that remains the case. Where are you located?

20 miles west of Portland, Oregon in the Tualitan Valley.