Prairie Harvest X R-15


Last year it did not repeat. This year I plan on crossing it with repeat blooming yellows such as Carefree Sunshine.

Prairie Harvest is described at:



This year Prairie Harvest is either on its second round of blooms or its third.

I say possibly three because some buds formed in early spring but turned black after a spring freeze.

I did get one set of blooms starting on 6-3-2006 and a second is now starting (with the first bloom opening today - 6-27-2006).

Congratulations. I hope it’s fertile.

Oh, nice! Im still waiting for the R-15/Rosa acicularis hybrid to bloom… I had great success with New Year x Baby Love this year and may cross the seedlings together if they bloom next year.

Robert, with regard to your question “is it fertile?”.

From last summer’s pollinations, I got 9 seeds using it as a mother:

(Prairie Harvest X R-15) X (Rugelda X R-15)

Unfortunately, so far this spring none of these seeds have germinated.

As a pollen parent, I got many seeds last fall from:

Leverkusen X (Prairie Harvest X R-15)

but no germinations so far this spring.

Related information:


This spring I got 4 germinations this spring from:

Prairie Harvext X (Rugelda X R-15)

I got 2 germinations this spring from:

(Rugelda X R-15) X OP

I got 1 germination this spring from:

(Folksinger X Illusion) X (Rugelda X R-15)


I got 6 seeds from:

Folksinger X (Rugelda X R-15)

but no germinations so far this spring.

I got 15 seeds from:

Carefree Sunshine X R-15

but no germinations so far this spring.

I suppose it’s possible Prairie Harvest X R-15 won’t set viable seed but it seesm unlikely that it won’t eventually accept pollen that will work. At any rate it’s a lovely rose in it’s own right.

I wish this process didn’t take so long.

Those new germinations sound very promising too. I especially look forward to seeing (Folksinger X Illusion) X (Rugelda X R-15)

Thanks, Robert

Surprise, Prairie Harvest X R15 has a well formed flower bud as of today!

(Since Peter Harris uses “R15” as the name, I am changing from R-15 to R15.)

Congratulations Henry. That’s exciting. I hope you get repeat though I know that’s a lot to ask.

Is this seedling outside?

Yes it is ouside, this is the same plant mentioned in the Tue. June 27, 2006 post in this thread.

What is particularly surprising is that I had cut off some of the longest canes earlier this fall to send as cuttings to others.

I do have a few other plants still blooming, but most of them are shut down for the winter.

Wow, I am surprised anything can bloom there now. Don’t you hav snow on the ground? Aren’t you afraid of losing your seedling because it hasn’t gone dormant?

I know nothing of cold weather gardening. despit this I am interesyted in hardy roses but it’s just a sideline for me.

We have not had a real snow yet (there is a snow belt in northeast Ohio, but we are west and south of it). The thought of losing it since it has not gone dormant has passed through my mind. It has happened before. I hope my taking cuttings is not the reason for the late growth. If I do lose it, at least the plant is preserved since I did send the cuttings to others.