Potentilleae crossed with roses

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Definitely an interesting thread,

I took particular interest in David Zlesak’s coments about such wide species crosses producing haploid forms of the seed parent.

I am interested in producing haploid HT’s and floribundas to breed with diploid species. Until this point I was only aware of the irradiated pollen method which isn’t really viable without a research grant (or maybe a very sophisticated microwave :slight_smile: ).

Still potentilla pollen is more readily available, so I guess its worth trying.

Thanks Henry, yet another good link.

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Potentilla X Rosa and Fragaria X Rosa crosses have been on my list of crosses worth trying for awhile. I wouldn’t expect a high rate of success. Potentilla and Fragaria don’t appear to be as closely related to Rosa as Hulthemia, and Hulthemia X Rosa crosses don’t have a high success rate.

Many of the Potentillas are very showy and perfectly healthy. They are generally very cold-hardy and prickle-free. Don’t know of any repeat blooming Potentillas, though.

Fragarias aren’t very showy, though some are pretty healthy, and some do repeat their bloom. Strawberry-flavored rose hips, anyone?

I was thinking along the lines of crossing two diploid Potentilla species (or Fragaria species) with each other, then chromosome doubling the seedlings, and crossing them with tetraploid roses. It won’t be this year though - too much to do, too little time.

This old thread (use the next command on the first page of this link to look at the next item in the thread, do the same for the next, etc.)probably is of interest to those that are interested in this thread:


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I “thought” that I had posted something about this earlier but my initial search did not find it. Here it is:


Note, that I did manage to show one of the “trees”.

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=4251#4251

You gave me an idea Henry! What about the Alchemilla species? I should try those on my Potentilla collection, hmm.

Ive tried Potentilla onto roses before with zero success btw. But that was always after I was done with roses for the year and bored of crossing things.