Possible paper on microscope study of rose pollen.

Today I received a request to write an article on a subject of my choice for a special issue of a reviewed scientific journal that will be devoted to rose related papers.

The editor is open to papers of the following type. “The following categories of manuscripts will be accepted: reviews, mini-reviews, original research papers, techniques/protocol papers, short communications, research notes.”

I have been asked to submit a response by the middle of March “together with a provisional title, rough outline or abstract and a list of the co-authors”. The editor expects the manuscript by the end of July, 2008. (This journal does not charge the authors a publishing charge.)

A topic that I have settled on is the use of a web cam / microscope to study rose pollen and what information can/cannot be extracted from this type of study…

I would like to invite those of you that are interested in using a web cam / miscroscope combination to study the pollen diameters (and diameter distributions) of rose pollen to join me as co-authors.

I could put a rough manuscript on the Google word processor web page and set up access only for the co-authors for joint editing.

I envision sections on such topics as basic web cam / microscope use, relationship between pollen size and number of chromosomes, significance of what it means when a rose produces more than one size pollen, discussion of color of stained pollen and viability. I assume that we would cover the rose pollen diameter literature, and also present table(s) of our experimental data along with comments on our experience in using the multi pollen diameter roses in our personal breeding programs.

The editor reserves the right to: “Submissions will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and if the theme that you wish to review is already covered, *** reserves the right to not accept the proposal.”

Anyone who is interested in joining this project, please respond by e-mail ( kuska@neo.rr.com ).

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/forum/search.php?searchFor=microscope&searchMsgs=Search

Well I have bought a microscope for this purpose but I didn’t looked yet. Also I would like to help you but I have no knowlage what so ever on this. First I have to get the calibration thing with the barcode looking bars.

It’s a very cheap microscope and tried to make a picture with a DSL camera but that didn’t work. out. I looked to some mould from my seeds and some spagetti sauce but thats it. Spagetti sauce wasn’t really interresting though. lol :smiley: