Portland roses as mothers

With some of the old roses that I am using there are barely any descendents on helpmefind… However they have germinated seedlings… Maybe they all terrible…

Anyone used Arthur De Sansal as a mother or as a pollen parent?

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James_D, I would also have been interested in this beautiful rose as a breeder. But since HelpMeFind does not list any offspring and Rose-Biblio indicates that ‘Arthur de Sansal’ does not produce rose hips, I was reluctant. So I’m all the more curious to see if there is any positive answer to your interesting question after all.

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‘Marbrée’ produces seedlings easily, and only about 1/4 of them has any repeat blooming ability (depends on the other parent). In some crosses, you won’t get any repeat blooming seedlings at all. In my experience with ‘Marbrée’, the offspring are practically impossible to propagate by cuttings; they simply will not root. For me, that’s a showstopper of a flaw.
I still have two self-pollinated seedlings from ‘Marbrée’; one has modest spotting and a very double, pleasing bloom form, and the other has no spotting but nice bloom form. Neither repeats. Good luck finding a plant of ‘Marbrée’ on this continent.

I found ‘Rose de Rescht’ produced an occasional viable seed and got a few plants from crosses with Hybrid Perpetuals and modern roses. Most had health problems (weak growers, prone to mildew) but one or two were reasonably good growers. ‘Rose de Rescht’ has viable pollen and can produce one or two seeds if it likes the pollen you give it. I’d explore this rose more if I were seeking new Portland types.


Thanks again, I have been using rose de Rescht, Indigo and Duchess of Portland this season (and last) if I could get Marbree without importing it then I would, I have sent out some inquiry’s to suppliers who get some of their roses from suppliers who do grow it. Indigo is by far the healthiest of the 3 where I am, however the other two aren’t bad at all.