Portland Rose Festival

Does anyone grow this rose? Was sold by Edmund’s a few years ago and now out of commerce in the US. If able to propagate, I’d love to get my hands on one. The silver reverse is quite unique. Thanks JD

I used to grow it a long time ago. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. Candella is superior, but equally difficult to find.

As I remember, there used to be a class in the Porland Rose Show, just for this rose and it was given out widely in the Portland area where it grew really well.

If no one in RHA has one, a query to the Portland Rose Society might turn up plants.

I highly doubt anyone grows it there anymore (I used to be a part of the PRS, obviously). I do know where one is located though. It is in a rose garden made by the infamous Masons that was bought by a restaurant chain in Forest Grove, OR called the Grand Lodge. Of course, the people there would have no clue they are growing a rare rose or what its name is LOL!


Wow, that’s a gorgeous place.

We eat there every once in a while. I like going there for St Patrick’s day :slight_smile:

That’s some high flying corned beef!

Yeah, uhm, I dont think it was the corn beef we went for, LOL!