Pollen - Beauty of Leafland and J5

Beauty of Leafland and J5 are blooming for me right now. They have gotten huge and should produce more than enough pollen for my needs. Let me know if you would like me to send you some J5 or BofL pollen

I may also have a Beauty of Leafland sucker available if anyone is interested.

Will also have some Williams Double Yellow pollen as well

Hi Steve

I e-mailed you through this site. Did you get it?



Thanks for sending BOL and WDY pollen last spring. The bol pollen was put on some Bucks, producing some seeds, but none germinated. WDY pollen was put on Carefree Sunshine, resulting in a dozen seeds, and one germination which died. Perhaps others will germinate.


Lydia, I did get your email, thanks. I have been horribly busy of late and have not had a chance to get back to anyone.

Dave, sorry to hear that your results were not the best. I have a number of iteresting seedlins right now. I have a bunch of interesting crosses that I am very interested in seeing how they turn out. I have Golden Glow x J5, Golden Glow x Williams Double Yellow, Prairie Harvest x J5, Prairie Harvest x Williams Double Yellow and a horde of Folksinger seelings from crosses with both J5 and WDY. I didnt get much in the way of results with BofL pollen because I was very focused on using yellow parent.

I have 1 Folksinger x Williams Double Yellow that bloomed yesterday. Tiny little flower but it was yellow. Be interesting to see what happens with them.

To those who sent requests for pollen, I did get them and hope to respond to everyone tomorrow. I have 2 requests for suckers and will be able to fill 1 of them for sure. Looks like Beauty of Leafland does a good job suckering.