Poinsettia flowered rose seedling

Who would guess that a cross of Carefree Beauty with Heritage would give poinsettia like flowers?

Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/HenrySRoses/photo#5101595230162165202

haha cute, Judith had a seedling that looked like a waterlily last year. I like the neat various forms (except for the frilled/ranunculus style). One of the Oranve Velvet seedlings have the elongated “pinned” petals like yours, but it’s like 80 petals and doesnt look as endearing whatsoever. The petal shape of yours (minus the pin tips) is similar to Iceberg’s individual petal shape.

Henry, would you have a picture of that Carefree Beauty x Heritage (294) seedling by any chance? Is 294 hardier than either CB or Heritage?

Jadae, I love roses that resemble water lilies!

I’ve had similar looking blossoms. They always seem to straighten themselves out and look unremarkable after a time.

Dee, #294 is at:


Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/HenrySRoses/photo#5071154566750229778

Henry, 294 is a very pretty rose - I like the pink blush on the petals, but how does it compare for hardiness to either one of its parents?

Dee, regarding hardiness, #294 is a 1999 seedling, see:


I do not winter protect (except with a clear 32 oz cup (with bottom cut out) the first year or 2 to prevent rabbits and/or deer from biting the small canes to the ground). Thus, #294 has survived my zone 5 northern Ohio winters. I have not kept records on what per cent, if any, of the canes were damaged each winter.

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/seedling%20numbers-467.htm