Ploidy of these roses...

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I couldn’t deduce the ploidy of these roses from my sources. Maybe some of you could help me out!



Fritz Nobis

Lemon Blush



Long John Silver


Martin Frobisher

Therese Bugnet

Roseraie de l’Hay

Robert Leopold

Tetraploids: Fritz Nobis, Lemon Blush, Chuckles, Doubloons

Long John Silver, Zeus, Robert Leopold

Diploids: Martin Frobisher , Therese Bugnet

Probable triploid: Roseraie de l’Hay

And ‘Robert Leopold’ produces a fair number of repeat blooming, mossed offspring when bred with another remontant rose.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!!

Paul, have your results with Robert Leopold been good? What so most of the progeny look like? I’m interested in retaining the color, and refining the plant a little bit.



Modern Roses XI says that Roserarie de l’Hay is diploid.


If we follow the classical litterature, wich says "Roseraie de l’Ha

MR XI lists Roseraie de l’Ha

Any one wants to count the chromosomes of my RdlH? I got a branch to set seed. The pollen of that branch last year did not fertilize rose, but maybe it is seed fertile. I applied pollen of Applejack and mixed roses to obtain that hip. Next year when I have more growth coming out of it I will attempt to propogate it. Don’t want to ruin my possible chance of success of converting it into a tetraploid.

I have heard theories before as to the supposed triploidy of Roseraie de l’Ha

While we are on the subject, there are a few that I have that Im still not sure of due to complex parentage.

One of the is Lullaby, a blush white polyantha. Extremely neat foliage like R. soul

(Rose soulieana X Mrs. Joseph Hiess) X Cecile Brunner

Mrs. Joseph Hiess is a polyantha descendant of a sport of Thousand Beauties and an an unknown seedling.

The other is Bukavo. Parentage is sorta like an upgrade to Red Ballerina. Blooms look like Dormund on a Ballerina type plant.

Brittania X Rush

Rush is (Ballerina X Brittania) X Rosa multiflora

I have no clue on their fertility because they are both new to me this year.