Pirjo Rautio’s “Merveille” first spring beakout

1st winter … canes bent down and covered - <<1% loss - 33 inches high out of cover and fully leafed out.

That in itself is par excellent for protected gallica in my zone 4a CDN garden … but it gets better … just starting budding out and not one or two.

High hopes for zone 4 gallica “new” gene pool, but still many years of trialing in my gardens left, plus gamble on no protection … but at least get the pollen and maybe hips this year.

Color simliar to La Belle Sultane … in some photos … that one didn’t make itvthrough winter.

Great to hear about it’s hardiness! Could you keep us updated on its progress, especially how it works as a parent?
Thanks for that information!

Expectations exceeded for bloom quality and color - couple shades darker than photo - exceeds for value of bloom in my gardens - 1st bloom 3 inches as measured across diameter - give my eye teeth to be able to get similar.

Feel the more order form calling - well done Pirjo (passed).

May actually have an exotica color for a gallica in garden in my garden - had protection for first winter - best survival l be had for “ purple gallicas with protection but early days -full expose test soon but May delay to enjoy color for a few more seasons.

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From google translation of Finn Rose Society blurb on rose. Hannu has provided a link at very bottom of his input on Auli from site… A excellent bar none, seed parent for me in 2022.

Pirjo’s original naming before formal FRS naming “Merveille” seems appropriate for my success with it as a seed parent.

She addressed in below write up as “Miracle” … NS !!!

… how appropriate for my hybridization efforts with F1 and species … as towel was going to be thrown in by me before imported it for testing and successfully crossed as seed parent and germinated a number of crosses.

Protection is hit or miss for me in zone 4A CDN.


Pirjo Rautio, 2005

“Miracle" is a cross between a moss rose and a French rose.

The Rose Society has chosen ‘Merveille’ as the rose of 2015.

1-1.5 m high, abundantly flowering bush. Some root water forms. ( no idea what last sentence means).

The magnificently colored flower is semi-double, at first velvety purple-red, later dark purple, the center remains lighter.

The golden yellow stamens emphasize the dark color. A pleasant scent. Flutes round and hairy.

Peduncle: 5 cm, tufted

Sepals: broad, short, lobed, turned to the side

Leaflets 2 pairs, thick, 4-5 cm long, 3 cm wide
Straight spikes on shoots.