Pink Promise any experience with it??

So I dropped by a local nursery this morning to see what they still had and came across Pink Promise. Now what really caught my eye was the fact that this was the only rose that had not been defoliated by black spot. The entire row of Pink Promise pots looked like they had withstood black spot.

So I whipped out my smart phone, pulled up HMF and found Pink Promise. A portion of the proceeds from its sale go to breast cancer research; for what it is worth it was an AARS winner in 2009; mixed comments regarding fragrance; no comments regarding disease resistance; and most frustrating is that the pedigree is seedling x seedling.

Has anyone had any experience with this rose? I was tempted, but passed on it for now. Judging by the number of pots remaining I will have ample opportunity to go back and get one.



Its good for a light pink HT. ITs major fault is its hate for high heat, low humidity.

It has been a great rose for me in northwest Missouri Zone 5/6. Grows with vigor and stays healthy with no spray and no winter protection at all. I love the pale blooms with darker edging for their form and amount of production and rebloom time. I find little to no fragrance from the blooms on either of my bushes. I have one in the ground and one in a container. Really good garden rose–very showy and low maintenance. And, like you said, for a very good cause.


Has anyone noticed whether PP produces pollen or hips?