Pictures of your favorite seedlings?

It’s a yucky wet wintry day here. I’d like to spice it up a bit with some pictures of your favorite seedlings. It will give me something to think about while I wait for my seeds to germinate.


I have about 100 seeds germinated since the end of October so I have plenty to do. I am keeping them in the refrig during the day and outside at night to hopefully keep them germinating. Sorry its so yucky there.


These aren’t necessarily my favorite seedlings, but they’ve put on a good show recently. The first one is from the cross Armada X Gold Medal. It produces clusters of globular flowers that hold their form for a very long time.

This one is from the cross Magenta X Precious Platinum. It has very good fragrance.

This was my first rose seedling and it hooked me. It might not look special to you all, but it was to me since it was my first. It was a healthy, vigorous plant. I grew it inside in a sunny window for a year, and then this late May I planted it outside in my rose garden. Damn rabbit ate it that very night. End of rose. Of the 7 seedlings I planted out in my rose beds, only 2 made it uneaten by rabbits. I hate rabbits now! This spring when I plant out seedlings, I’m going to protect them with chicken wire cages.

Here’s a bud:

Here’s a shot which shows it was double. It’s not the best shot of the actual color, although you can see the pink edging on the petals.

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I love looking at other people’s works…

I have one pic to show… but I don’t know where they will host my pics (and let me hot link it here…)

This doesn’t really count as a “favorite” seedling, since the shrub itself is a very weak grower. However, every Fall it churns out half a dozen of the most astonishing 3" blooms in tints of the coldest mauve at the outside and silvery-grey/tan on the inside. It often displays bloom form like a Tea, as shown here. This came out of the Spring 2003 crop and has been on the brink of culling ever since. Today it produced this bloom, and so I decided to take one more chance with it and budded it onto understock, hoping it may improve its vigor.

Breeding: ‘Suntan Beauty’ X ‘Lavender Pinocchio’




I can’t decide on one favorite; I have two seedlings that I’m pretty partial to:

[and url=">Rosa multiflora (double) X Rosa rugosa

In case that linking isn’t allowed, they are:

[‘Fragrant Cloud’ X Rosa carolina] and [Rosa multiflora (double) X Rosa rugosa]

and these are the links:


I love looking at your seedlings-- thanks, everyone, for sharing!

Paul, the seedling you shared, is that the one you contemplated calling “dead mouse” (or something like that) at one point to describe it’s color? I remember a thread about that on the GW forum which really amused me. It’s certainly an unusual color. Have you used it as a parent in the hopes of more vigorous offspring?


It’s great looking at everyone’s seedlings! Alisha, what a shame about the rabbits.

Here are my favorites:


If anyone has seedling photos that they’d like to post, but don’t have a place to post them, please email them to me using the email link by my name, and I will post them on the RHA web site.

Paul, that is a very interesting and exotic color. I can see why you haven’t discarded it. I have a seedling from the cross Magenta X Lilac Charm that sometimes resembles that, although the color varies quite a bit, depending on the weather. I posted it to the GW forum a while back, and there were people who liked the name ‘Dead Mouse’ for it (from McGredy’s quote on ‘Grey Pearl’). Click here[/url] for a couple of pictures of it in the RHA Member Showcase.

This morning, I took this photo of a new seedling that was bred from that seedling - (Magenta X Lilac Charm) X Cafe Ole. It is a pale grayish lavender with a darker center, sometimes with russet tints. I have another seedling from the same cross that is nearly identical, except that it is a true mini. Both are very fragrant.

“Dead Mouse” - I love it!

Although I don’t think ‘Dead Mouse’ have good market appeal. Perhaps “Maus” is more suited?

(You can even name it after the great comic book/ biography “Maus” by Art Spiegelman. It’s a book all people should read.)


Jim-- I sent you an email.


I have not expored using it for breeding because in my experience, when you work with seedlings that exhibit poor vigor, you are fighting an uphill battle to regain vigor. And so, I rarely use weaklings for breeding. I’d rather return to ‘Lavender Pinocchio’ to pursue this kind of color goal. ‘Brown Velvet’ has bred some remarkable colors for me, and its offspring also show great vigor, so I may end up using it in pursuit of odd colors. In 2007 I am releasing a new seedling under the name ‘Dragon’s Blood’ (See HelpMeFind link below), which is a deep russet shrub. It came out of a very curious combination: {[Little Darling


If you are interested, you should send that Magenta X Lilac Charm seedling to The Uncommon Rose for evaluation/introduction. Hint hint


I have found that BV sets pollen well but is a horrid seed parent. How is the peduncle ratio working out for you with BV? I was always afraid they’d be super long like BV. I had Distant Drums x Brown Velvet take this year. Should be “interesting” if they germinate.

Interesting color, Paul. The red touches on the buds is a plus, too.

Jim, I love your little yellow seedling! Very pretty.

I have just been lurking…I only decided to try hybridizing this summer and have just harvested my first seeds.

But I had to speak up, Jim should ABSOLUTELY introduce that yellow, it is stunning.


I’ve been on the road for a few days, and will be on the road with limited email access until early December. Thanks Judith and Juliet for your comments on the yellow seedling! This one is improving with age. It isn’t quite as vigorous as I’d like, but that may be my fault. It is root bound in a 2 gallon pot and was somewhat neglected because it didn’t impress me early on. I’ll grow it under more favorable conditions next year and see how it does.

Paul, I’m flattered by your interest in the Magenta X Lilac Charm seedling. I don’t think that it is commercial because the blooms open quickly and don’t have good form. On the other hand, a woman from my rose society who grows it loves it because it always covered in bloom and has unusual color. She told me that I ought to send it out to be evaluated. I’m not convinced… yet… For now, I’m going to try to breed something better from it.

‘Dragon’s Blood’ is a gorgeous color! It would be interesting to cross it with ‘Hot Cocoa’.

Is this some kind of spam??? Sure looks it to me.