Pictures of three other found roses.

I’ve showed some others before in the past and these are some that I haven’t so I thought I would give these their day in the spotlight also. For the most part, all three of these are once blooming multiflora derivatives (found in the ‘wild’).

  1. ‘Charleston Cherry’, first blooms on one year old clipping.

  2. ‘Harrison Runner’… I’ve had it for three or four years I guess (from a clipping)- highly prone to mildew.

  3. ‘White Oak Mountain’. A new acquisition. Closest thing to a wild double multiflora I have seen.


Hmmm that last one looks kind of familiar. I’m thinking older polyantha, maybe Gartendirector Otto Linne? Leaves are right, but the blooms on yours are a bit lighter than on mine. But big pom poms of bloom like that are the main draw for that rose.

The last one is rather like something I have that once was ID’d for me by Leonie Bell as Rosa multiflora carnea. I’m surprised that HMF has almost no photos of the flowers of that, only illustrations from old journals. My plant came as cuttings from a plant growing in the foundation of a destroyed house that was probably built round 1900, here in Manhattan, KS. She said it was used as an understock. I will try to post some photos once it comes into bloom. I can also provide a plant to anyone interested in the fall. Cane tips root easily and I have a few here and there. It is hardy to below 0 F.

I can say that there is a decent population of it spread out all on the backside of white oak mountain. I noticed several stands of it.