Pics from symposium on rose research and cultiv. on line now

The photos are on line from the 4th international symposium on rose research and cultivation. The tours to J&P and Weeks as well as other places and people are there.



Now that’s a flat rose field.

Were the close up propagation photos - stentlings (graft onto unrooted rootstock)?

Any idea when the publication will come out?

Yes Ann, The photos were of stenting at J&P on R. fortun. rootstock for Florida growers. Brent Pemberton just put out the final plea for people who haven’t submitted their papers yet to do so by March 6th. Hopefully sometime this summer it will be out.



Any ideas when the volumn of the papers might appear?

It ??is going to be through Acta hort ?

Ann, I share your impatience. I check the Acta Hort site daily. I assume that the reviewers are bringing up lots of points that the authors must address (at least that was normally the reason for delays in symposium publication in my time). I am a member of ISHS and it is my understanding that Acta Hort would be the place for publication.

I’m anxious too. I haven’t heard anything for when it will be out. I haven’t heard from the editors, so hopefully my manuscript that goes along with the poster on pollen viability over storage environments (poster printed in last RHA newsletter) is in good shape. There’ll be some great papers on disease resistance from Andy Roberts and Thomas Debener.


Just got word that my article in the proceedings is reviewed and ready for print. It sounds like there are still other articles out there that are being peer reviewed and edited. It will be a great resource once done and hopefully it will be available soon.