Phototropic effects question

Can you see phototropic effects in a seedling by placing the seedling in a very sunny window? Or does the window screen out some part of the light spectrum needed for this? It’s too cold here for me to put my seedlings out yet, but I suspect one or two might be phototropic and would like to test this in a window if it works.



Ever since we’ve covered our patio with green siding plastic (I think it’s gaudy-- I would ripe it out in an instant if I could… BTW)

Mon Cheri doesn’t devolope its beautiful red color. Now it’s a boring light pink-- although the bloom itself is very nice.


I wouldn’t think a window screen would have much affect other than maybe the degree of color change. When I evaluate seedlings I often use varying percentages of shade cloth to see the affects. But seedlings in a window sill still change colors. Oviously, the greatest change occurs in full sun but not necessarily the prettiest results. Some Shading can be very beneficial depending on the variety.