photo test 4

Attempting to download an image of a qtip filled with pollen from photobucket

Any suggestions for downloading pictures from photo I obviously can’t seem to figure out how to do it!


This is how I do it. I’m in Photobucket/ My Home and the first tab; Latest Activity, there is all the photos of recent uploads. Above each one is is edit, share and delete, I left click on share. Up pops the share this image window, I select the get code link tab. There I left click in the box just below “direct link for layout pages” with the address in it. I right click on it and select copy. I then go to my post here on the forum and right click in the photo link box and paste it in there. Now I remove the first http:// from the address or it won’t work. If you don’t see your picture when you preview the message it won’t be there you post it.


Thanks for the instructions. I’m new to photobucket & it’s been hit or miss for me.


Thanks for the help. I followed your instructions and it worked like a charm. I have been wanting to learn how to upload pics for a long time. Below is an open pollinated seedling from chuckles from this past winter.


bill c.

Bill, that is a very nice seedling and great photo! I like the clarity of the image and the way the light falls on the bloom.

Here is another option to put photos into the body of your post. You can upload to the site below

It is easy to upload from your computer. After uploading you choose one of the “fullsize” image links (I choose the first one). Then you take out part of the link so that only the image shows.

So, this is what you see on the site after the image is uploaded:

You copy the first line under the “full size” image section (the one that starts with “” after the “jpg”.

At this point, you can post your message and your photo should show like the one below:

You can paste as many photos as you want into the body of your message.

The photo posted above is of a newly rooted tray of Hulthemia seedlings.

Jim Sproul


That’s great that the upload worked for you. It took me numerous tries to get it right also.

That is a nice looking seedling. Do you have any inkling who the papa is? I have used Chuckles both as a seed parent and as a pollen parent. I have several Chuckles x William Baffin third year plants and some {Morden Centennial OP} x Chuckles yearlings as well. So far I haven’t seen the large flower cluster on any of them like there is on Chuckles. I used {Applejack x William Booth} pollen on it last year but none of the seeds germinated for me. I still have them and will try to germinate them this year.


Thanks for the tip. I always wondered how you guys got more than one picture in a post.

Paul, The hip this seedling came from was growing amidst at least 500 roses, primarily roses from the earth kind rose brigade as well as many of the past AARS winners as well. Since my pollinating flowers was cut short in the Spring of 2009 I collected a lot of OP hips that Fall to see if I could germinate and grow them. Beginners luck is better than no luck!

I’m thrilled to get one picture on a post, I will leave the 2 picture posts to the younger generation…