Photo 2 - Bloom

here is the bloom that screams explorer except nothing else does to me.

I’m trying to figure out what the translators would be to compare something from my acidic soils and fast growing spring blooms to your conditions.

The bloom reminded me of Betty Bland, no so much in color but in spacing on the bush and something about the opening. I don’t think it’s BB, but I think there might be some kinship.

Thanks Ann, excellent line of thinking in my opinion as you got me off the new line and into the old private hybridized roses. The school is close to Erskine’s home and has a least one of his in the garden that I can recognize (Prairie Peace) and now looking hard I see the leaves look like his “Haris” and so does the bloom … from Sheila Holmes site description - everything fits - thanks again … I always have to keep my mind open


Developed by Robert Erskine

good shade of Pink, Blooms once, Semi Double very Hardy,

tall could be used as a climber

has scotch Rose and Cinnamon Group

seedling from HARISON’S YELLOW X unsure of other parent"

It’s not ‘Suzanne’, is it?

The Suzanne I have from Skinner’s nursery has more etherial petals. These seem a lot more substantial. And Suzanne’s are a much lighter pink whether grown in sand or acidic clay.

(FWIW, the hips on Suzanne are a lovely magenta-red this morning)