Persian briar roses

Can anyone give some examples of the “diploid persian briar” roses?


Rosa ecae

Rosa hugonis (technically a south asian briar)

Rosa xanthina (same as above, closely related)

Rosa persica

Non-diluted hybrids: Golden Cheronese, Canary Bird, Xerxes

Diluted only with the same-family, Spins, of the UK and Siberia (likely not diploid): Helen Knight, Albert Edward, Headleyensis, Allard, Orminston Roy, Lisa, Karen,

Hybrids with the similar diploid R. sericea (from Himalayas) include: Cantabrigiensis, Red Wing, Earldomensis, Pteragonis, Lutea

Diluted Persica hybrids: Hardii, Nigel Hawthorn, Tigris, Euphrates

Uknown: Golden Vale

Rosa primula is a tricky one. It grows like a briar, is colored like a persian briar but is less related to them.

I think this covers the majority. Some of them are not specifically persian, but the generalized idea is what is relevant. They generally span the middle east, china, india and siberia. They generally have massive prickles, some of which are more colorful than the blooms. They generally have ferny foliage, sometimes aromatic. The majority of very difficult to get cuttings from. Grafting on rosa canina orrubiginosa seems to be what some do. Lastly, theyre all yellow, diploid briars.

Thank you Michael.