Peace as a seed parent?

There are a lot of roses listed with Peace as a seed parent. Not sure how accurate the records are. I don’t remember hips forming on Peace when I grew it. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Eary on I tried. I had no success.

Mature plants will set huge hips on occasion. I’ve never tried sowing the seed but it should be any harder than anything else.

I got huge hips but zero germination.


Mitchie and I never worked with ‘Peace’, but ‘Love & Peace’ used ‘Peace’ as its pollen parent and has done very well for us. We wrote about it in the Winter 2008 newsletter.

These were open pollinated hips from old plantings in a public garden. They were probably virus infected. Now there is evidence that PNRSV virus infected plants have seeds that have low germination values.

This is one literature example:


My two-tear old ‘Peace’ set OP hips this year though most flowers shed more-or-less cleanly… I haven’t bothered collecting them or seeing if there were seeds in them etc… I have used its pollen and it seemed to take on what I applied it to… 1/3 the way through stratifying the seeds now.

I have climbing peace which had set a few open-pollinated hips.

Out of curiosity, I opened the achenes, and there were about 3 - 5 viable embryos per hip. As the hips were completely sun-dried, this may account for the excessive amount of dried/dead seed.

I was curious after this thread and went to see what I had… there were two OP hips out there that were very dried… with about 20 seeds. I put them in the fridge to see how they go.