Pax apollo: thornless rose

Wendy in South Dakota has taken a major interest in roses hybridized by Niels Hansen. She recently visited Brookings South Dakota and photographed the only surviving rose in the garden honoring Hansen.

The link is to the gardenweb thread which will lead you to the photos.


The site as posted doesn’t load.

Delete the first “http://” and then it works.

Thanks Ann! I’d planned to post here but have just now managed to get back to my computer. It is exciting. I had such a wonderful visit with David (Hansen’s grandson) and Naomi Gilkerson. I can’t believe the gardens only have the one rose left. At least it isn’t gone too. The last time David talked to the horticulturist in charge of the gardens, (like over the winter) there was supposed to be a Lillian Gibson there as well…it is gone too! I might be generating a bit of interest among the rose people here in SD though, so maybe something will happen over the next year or so (I would really like to create a collection of them for the public someplace)


Were you able to collect some cuttings? You ought to send some to a few nurseries where Hansen’s rose could be enjoyed once again.