Pavement Roses

I’m curious about the hybridizers of the Pavement Roses. From what I can tell they were done by two separate introducers, Baum and UHL. I think they are German. There has been a lot of confusion over the years because many have been renamed for the English speaking market. I have carefully gone through Modern Roses XI and other sources to compile a list of all the cultivars. If anyone has more information, or sees an error in my list, I would greatly appreciate your comment.

Mark Disero, Brantford Ontario, Canada

Roses by Baum

  1. Mont Blanc '84

  2. Monte Cassino '84

  3. Monte Rosa '84

  4. Rosa zwerg '84

  5. Schneekoppe - Snow Pavement '84

  6. Rotesmeer - Purple Pavement '86

  7. Pristine Pavement - Schneeberg - White Perfection '90

  8. Showy Pavement '90

  9. Pink Pavement - HanBau '91

Roses by UHL

  1. Apart '81

  2. Yankee Lady - Pirette (Pierette) Pavement - UHLwe '87

  3. White Pavement - Snow Owl - UHLensch '87

  4. Buffalo Gal - Foxi Pavement - UHLater '89

  5. Scarlet Pavement - Rote Apart '91

Pristine Pavement has been a much better than average rugosa parent to make wide crosses (non-rugosa) with for seed set and germination.

Apart, although a more finicy parent in wide crosses with non-rugosa types, I do have a couple seedlings of it with R. primula.

I haven’t used Snow Pavement very much, but love it’s silvery lavender color- seems very unusual for a rugosa. It also seems more compact than the other rugosas.


I have Snow Owl. Mine never sets hips. Its nice and compact in the landscape, though. The foliage is a little smaller than most rugosa hybrids and a wee bit pale. My personal opinion is that I would skip using this one. I think R. rugosa alba is far more beautiful with better rebloom…albeit way larger in size.

David, it’s good to know your comments regarding Pristine Pavement being a better one to work with … I’ll be giving it a try! I also agree with your remarks on Snow Pavement, gotta love that rose … and that fragrance!


I grow 9 of the 14 pavement roses that I have listed (with 2 more coming this spring) and I can honestly say that ‘Mont Blanc’ produces more flowers and seed than any other. To me it is the best of the group.