Paula Vapelle?

I’m very curious in the spinnomosas, and having none I was interested in purchasing Stanwell Perpetual for it’s health, vigor and repeat but when I heard it was practically infertile, I was a bit disappointed. This is listed on HMF as one of only two offspring of Stanwell Perpetual and I was wondering if it’s rebloom was anything near the rebloom of it’s parent, and does anyone know if it has increased fertility as well and would be superior in keeping in the garden for hybridizing?



I’ve gotten seedlings using Stanwell Perpetual as pollen parent.

So far they are nothing to be proud of but it does seem possible.

That’s actually great to hear, as I’ve been inclined to purchase it for health’s sake for blackspot ridden Maryland, but I was hesitant since I don’t want my collection to feature too many roses that I can’t attempt to cross with in the future. RRD is far too prevalent in my area. I think not to be selective in such a manner here is a bit silly.

Why is it though that some of the healthiest of OGR’s are sterile?! I think I’ve heard Ispahan is sterile, as is Jacques Cartier/Marchesa Boccella. Now I know a great deal of the gallicas are fertile though, so I guess that makes up for a lot of the highly bred OGR’s sterility.

Use Stanwell with a tried and true seed parent and use a lot of pollen.

It seems the more you flood the stigma the better chance you have of getting seed set.

I think I forgot ordering it this year. It is supposed to be more disease resistant than Stanwell Perpetual. It sets hips easily (if I understand the french description about it). See link. Interestingly, it is a seedling of Stanwell Perpetual with pollen from a dwarf form of R. pimp. Still repeat flowering, so makes you wonder…



Hmm very interesting. Is there a source for Paula Vapelle in the states? Maybe I should get both for future experimentation. More roses to love!


You are right about fruits it is stated:

"facilement produits, fouge fonc

Thanks Pierre for the confirmation!


This is one of the four roses I had paid to import from Loubert as part of a group of people from Gardenweb a while back, but the whole thing was a disaster and none of the roses made it through customs alive as far as I know - it was a total loss. Only if Ashdown or someone similar has managed it, would there be stock in this country.