Paul Jerabek died

The person who initially helped me with rose hybridizing has died. He was very unselfish in sharing his knowledge of hybridizing (and actual plants).


He gets my vote as a “rose hybridizing all star”.


Thanks for posting this news. Paul was indeed generous in sharing his knowledge and even seed with me when I was getting started back in the mid 80’s. Fortunately his experience has been captured in the many articles he wrote for the newsletter.

Thank you Henry for letting us know of his passing. One of the original 13 founders. He did a wonderful program for us when we met at Cleveland several years ago. I do recall his singing as he was showing some slides of his work. He was telling me about the “round robin” letter that they used to add their comments to and send to the next person on the list- the forerunner to our current newsletter. I am very sorry to hear of his passing, and offer my condolences to his family.

John Moe

General Director, RHA

Paul befriended me right after I joined RHA. When my name and address were listed as a new member in the Newsletter, he noticed that I lived close to where he grew up in Silver Lake, MN. He sent me a hand written letter with a short synopsis of his life and hybridizing career. He mentioned that he was 97 years young and that his birthday was coming up soon. This was two years ago, so he must have been 99 or 100 years old now (I don

When I was editor of RHA Paul kindly donated all his RHA newsletters. His complete collection was invaluable and were the ones scanned for the CD of all the past newsletters we now offer.

Interesting that several prominent hybridizers have come from northern Ohio: Paul Jerabek; Roy Sheperd; Michael Horvath.

The family thanks you for all of your kind rememberences. He succumbed to complications with heart problems and a slight case of pneumonia. He was very active until the last two weeks before he passed, still driving his car and walking his mile every morning. He would have been 99 in Sept.

Looking at Paul Jerabek and Ralph Moore maybe we should promote hybridizing for its longevity benefits. That’s why I took it up – if my wife doesn’t kill me sooner for digging too many holes in the yard. Glad such a great guy could be active up until the end!

Bob in New Orleans

The American Rose Rambler (Number 82) just arrived and it is (but for one page) devoted to Paul Jerabek’s roses, with detailed descriptions as well as presumed pedigree. It’s an update of Mr. Jerabek’s 2002 article with additional hybrids that Peter Schneider has added.

would get you in touch with the Rambler.