Paul Barden: October Moon

October Moon

This is 162.02.01, a seedling from a cross of ‘Rise ‘N’ Shine’ X ‘Its Showtime!’ This is a twiggy shrub that builds up size much in the manner of a Tea, gradually building to about 4 X 4 feet. Foliage is dark green and semi-glossy and canes are dark reddish with plum colored thorns. Blooms are about 3 inches across with well over 100 petals each. The petals substance is incredible, almost like plastic and the petals hold up extremely well in wet weather. The blooms have never balled in my garden, even in cool, wet weather. There is some fragrance, but it is modest. Blooms come one to a stem but also form in clusters of 5 or more on strong shoots, and they are very long lasting. The pollen parent is a Ralph Moore HT that is now scarce in commerce, and it came out of an unusual cross of ‘Joycie’ X ‘Bon Silene’, which explains the somewhat Tea-like growth habit of its offspring.

Paul Barden

[Editors note - this rose was released into commerce in 2006 as October Moon. See more about this rose at:]


For the breeder, the sight of such a beauty is one of those moments that fullfills dreams and the pictures in head and eye. It makes you forget some hard work, sweat and the one or other sleepless night. Pride and joy about this great success reward for everything.


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