Patrician - Has anyone tried this?

I did a search on the forum and did not find that this 1977 HT had been discussed anywhere before. It is the result of a Fragrant Cloud x Proud Land cross and is purported to be highly fragrant. However, I have not seen any offspring listed for this rose. Now, considering a release date of 1977, I am little concerned/curious about why there are no offspring.

Has anyone tried to use this one as a seed or pollen parent?

I had this rose “back in the day.” I got it as one of the Jackson & Perkins “Test Panel” distributions. As I recall, it did set seeds pretty well, and its fragrance was strong, pretty much of the same sort that Fragrant Cloud has. I didn’t use it as a parent, however, mainly because I was not working with reds, and the form of the blossom seemed unexceptional. At that time I was more interested in yellow. It seems to me that it did get some powdery mildew, and that it was pretty thorny, but I don’t remember much about it otherwise. It will be interesting to see if anyone else remembers anything about this rose.


Thanks for the feedback Peter. I asked about this rose on another forum as well and didn’t get much more information on it as a breeding parent there either. However,Steve from WI Roses is growing it and is going to give it a try this summer.

You might want to look at one of its parents Proud land. Its supposed to be very disease resistant, large flower, very fragrant and is fertile. I have one on order for the spring. Good luck.