Passing of Frank Benardella

Reeived today

"Sadly, the family of Frank Benardella must report his passing on January 30,2010. He died peacefully at his home with his family by his side after a short but gallant battle with cancer. He will be sorely missed by all his friends and loved ones.

We want to thank everyone for their cards, e-mails and especially their prayers, He will always be our “ROSE MAN”. Funeral arrangements are forthcoming.

Thanks for your love and support,

June Benardella and Family"

Frank will be missed by anyone who has even heard of roses. What an outstanding hybridizer and truly wonderful man. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

On behalf of the Rose Hybridizers Assiciation, I offer our deepest condolences to June and family.

This is so sad… Of all the people who have made an impact on mini roses here in Australia I think of Mr Moore first followed closely by Frank… his roses do very well here in Australia and are perennially popular. I wish his family my deepest sympathies and hope that in his passing people keep in mind the archiving thread that was started here and collect Frank’s roses to make sure they too are not lost.

I’m sorry to hear about this, and I hope his family will find solace in his memory as they mourn.