Part 6

I have never crossed the two amphidiploids. Herr Kordes sent me kordesii in 1954, but I lost it when I had to move my garden in 1968, just after 67-305 was born. They should be highly compatible, however, since rugosa is a common ancestor, and the other two ancestors both lie in the same Synstylae section of the genus.

It remains to introduce the forth species, R. carolina, and take the first step in the thorn problem. Commander Gillette is ideally equipped for this. I mentioned in the 1985 article that the cross 67-306 x Commander Gillete produced a rose, 77-361, which was free of thorns and bristles and had perfectly smooth midribs of leaves. Recently, I repeated this cross and confirmed this possibility. But before making the crosses Ai x Commander Gillette, where Ai denotes a member of the group A, we first make a cosmetic change in Commander Gillette.