Parentage of Vanilla Perfume


Does anyone have the parentage of Vanilla Perfume available? I can’t find it anywhere and I could have sworn that I saw it some where posted. Thanks,


Anne Morrow Lindbergh X seedling

Thanks Jim, that’s was extreamly helpful. Yesterday I was on the rose search, and tried to decipher what did “wotte” stood for in “JACwotte”. So I searced all the roses that had “w” in its name by William A. Warriner or Dr. Keith W. Zary, since the both worked together. Intresting enought I did write Anne Morrow Lindbergh as possible parent, and also Colette. Thanks,

Warriner’s hybrid tea Colette was registered in 1990, nine years before Vanilla Perfume, so you’d think J&P would register Vanilla Perfume’s parents as Anne Morrow Lindbergh X Colette, if Colette was the pollen parent. Maybe J&P was trying to avoid confusion with the other Colettes. According Modern Roses XI, Meilland registered two roses by the name of Colette in 1996, a hybrid tea and a climber. There is clearly something seriously wrong with the way rose name registrations are being done.

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