I wondered if anyone has a good source for parafilm

I usually just wander into my lab. But you want a commercial source. I searched google and see SPI and ColeParmer. The latter is like most scientific supply houses, reluctant to sell to individuals because of terrorism these days. But perhaps Ward Scientific or Carolina Biological who sell to schools would accomodate you. All the big lab supply houses sell it in relatively large quantity. Also a clarinetist noted that for a price you could by it packaged as “lip-ease” for rough teeth, braces etc.

On-line advertises that florists wholesale dealers sell several kinds of parafilm made by Pechiney Plastic Packaging. They suggest you contact a wholesale florist place. So I would try that first. Just check on-line for your region.

If you are budding you might first try slicing strips from a Zip-Loc freezer bag. A strip the width of the budstick diameter works just about right. Tape the end(s) with a bit of masking tape.

This is what I use exclusively.