overwintering rooted cuttings

I have a zone three garden and am a little concerned that my rooted cuttings may be incapable of survivng their first winter out of doors. Are there an special techniques to pull this off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



assuming that they are in pots, bury them pots and all! use some stakes to mark the spot, and make a map of which pots are buried where.


Hi Ron and Daniel,

I do what you suggested Ron and have been pleased. I dig them into my compost area, mark them with flags or sticks, and throw more leaves over them. If the cuttings are really just too small and rooted too late, I bring them in and grow them under lights in the basement. In fact, I usually root some this time or later in the year (in fact this afternoon I plan on taking some cuttings) and plan on having some with me in the house to enjoy. I have to be careful to erradicate the spidermites and aphids so there won’t be any multiplying in the house and taking over.



If you only have a few cuttings, and they are in small pots, you can also keep them in your refrigerator for the winter.

Thanks. I’m rather new to this game. These are my first batch and I’d hate to lose them. Thanks for the help!