Out of the Night

Paul, have you had any success (presuming you’ve tried) with germination from Out of the Night? I just collected seven self set hips from it and shelled sixteen seeds from them. They’re planted in some six packs I have odds and ends in out front.

I think I can now positively attest that the “hairs” on Minutifolia are for collecting water. I cut off twelve buds and two partially open flowers from one of the plants to harvest pollen from. Those fuzzy buds are literally soaked from the misty air this morning. I had to blot them with toweling to partially dry them before I could do anything. Keeping my fingers crossed…Kim


I have not found hips forming on my ‘Out of The Night’, so I can’t say. While it is obviously a decent plant in SoCal climates, it is rather average here. I’m underwhelmed by it. I am disinclined to work with the pale first gen Out of Yesteryear hybrids because it seems to be a case of white begets white, again and again.

And good luck with the R. minutifolia!

Underwhelmed. I havent heard that word since Tim Gunn of Project Runway! Awesome, lol.