Oso Easy Strawberry Crush

Any comments about this rose?

The rose had more vigor and bloom than many of the ground cover roses I have tried but it is susceptible to blackspot and it defoliated almost completely at my location. I was disappointed as I liked the rose. Oso Easy Paprika and Oso Easy Peachy Cream are healthier plants.

Paprika & Peachy Cream are on my wishlist as being resistant to the three BS strains in David’s Earthkind trials paper.

The ancestry of Paprika is murky but Peachy Cream joins the Noank and Scrivins lines in a cross I would have made if I had the parents. Immensee lurks behind quite a few relatively healthy roses, particularly the Carpet series, and these two are a convenient way to capture that ancestry in roses that also have carotenoids.

I have Honey Bun. Its from Shine On and FC Pink. It should look cute by the front gate lol.

This is all we know of the unknown half of Paprika:

“Plants of the new Rose differ from plants of the female parent selection in the following characteristics: 1. Plants of the new Rose and the female parent selection differ in plant habit. 2. Plants of the new Rose and the female parent selection differ in flower color as plants of the female parent selection have pale yellow-colored flowers.”

Thank you all. Peachy Cream & Strawbery Crush are all that will be available locally from the series.

Order from ebay! The whole series is for sale by one seller :smiley: and they hve a ton. $9.99 each. This is not a plug – just a means to get roses in an awful market.

But then there’s the phytosanitary certificate, postage, Canadian sales taxes, custom charges, if the vendor will sell to Canada. Even buying second hand books on line doubles the American price.

Contact them in person, perhaps, and see what you can swing with them. This is the online mass seller of the series: