Oso Easy roses hardiness zones

I picked up a Proven Winners catalog this weekend and noticed that a few of the Oso Easy bunch were listed as being hardy to zone 3 and the others to zone 4. Does anyone know those zones to be accurate?


I think that those statements are reasonably accurate. I have trialed several of the Oso Easy cultivars (2 each). Fragrant Spreader and Honey Bunch were not hardy in my Z3b garden but Cherry Pie, Peachy Cream, Strawberry Crush, and Paprika were crown hardy during two winters of winter testing and those four roses all rebounded well from winter die-back. The only cultivar that remained essentially clean during the three summers of testing was Paprika. It does get some leafspot but so far, defoliation has been minimal and I am keeping it for an extra season of evaluation. Cherry Pie defoliated badly from BS, Strawberry Crush was susceptible to defoliation from both BS and leafspot, and Peachy Cream broke down with leafspot during the final summer of testing and defoliated badly. I have not yet trialed Oso Easy Mango Salsa. I have a sandy loam soil and I do think that I have a bit better winter survival than plants growing under similar temperatures in the heavier clay soils that are more typical of my general area.