Oso Easy Italian Ice x Rainbow's End

In previous years, the cross of Oso Easy Italian Ice x Rainbow’s End produced quality seedlings. And this year, while nothing is in bloom yet, that cross has the highest yield of seedlings per cross and a lot of them are looking good. \

As you’re planning your crosses for this spring, you might at minimum try Oso Easy Italian Ice with your favorite male(s) or even try it with Rainbow’s End.

FYI: My goal is healthy true minis of hybrid-tea form.

The last couple years I grew hundreds of OP, probably self, seedlings of what David Z. indicates is Italian Ice, growing a couple blocks from my house. The hardiness is there, to below zero F. How much below I can’t know living here. Also it survives well in its no-spray isolation, and mostly, as seedlings in my backyard stress test. If I were working with more diploids, I’d pay more attention to these seedlings as a seed-bearing plant. Now I just watch them grow and survive. and pitch out the feeble ones. The color range is huge and petalage is often good, though rarely more than 15 per flower.