Origins of the HT-style high pointed flower form

Yes… the surname is different…long and irrelevant story LOL.

Anyways, more to the point, can anyone advise from which species did the hybrid tea style flower get its high pointed form…or was it a combination of species that did the trick?!

Probably a mechanical phenomenon unrelated to any particular species: longer and wider petals overlapped and couldn’t open any other way once the number got up to 10 or so, accentuated by higher numbers of petals which prevented the bud from opening quickly.

I believe R. gigantea is regarded as the single most important contributor to the standard HT flower style.

Hmmm. I see, thx all.

Must say, the R. gigantea contribution is a bit of a surprise, I must say!

I was going to say “Indica” and a whole lotta selection process.