orange anyone?

I tried Carefree Sunshine x Incantation last summer, intrigued by the color of Incant. Now the first two seedlings to bloom are bright orange in the near-open bud stage. I also have a double mini (so far) that is orange from (Carefree Beauty x RiseNShine= PS)x Carefree Copper which is Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper. This one is on its 2nd bloom cycle already from a Feb 1 planting. They may all fade, wash out in daylight, and die of disease, but they look great at the moment. These are the most exciting of about 1000 seedlings so far.

One cross of Goldmoss x Carefree Copper had a flower in a copper color, semi-double, that has held onto its petals longer that St. Patrick (more than 2 wks). They are turning green with red edges now. Goldmoss does give longevity, or poor self-cleaning depending on your point of view.

You should have titled this thread “Orange You Envious?” No really interesting seedlings for me so far this year.


Carefree sunshine seems to pass on good health to it’s seedlings, so your CS x Incantation seedlings may be dis resistant.

Pictures? :smiley:

I second Fara’s request! Sounds like nice pedigrees!

And you can name a seedling “Orange you Glad,” as in “Orange you glad we don’t all engage in bad puns?”


How many recurrent and non-recurrent seedlings did you get out of your

Here are Larry’s seedlings. Upper left, a Carefree Sunshine X Carefree Copper seedling about to open. Middle, same cross at the wide open stage. Lower right, a (Carefree Beauty X RiseNShine) X Carefree Copper on day three. Carefree Copper is Carefree Beauty X Austrian Copper.

Pretty. (I would have to cross the two together).