One of my favorite new seedlings

Here is one of my 2003 seedlings. Not a speck of powdery mildew on it in the greenhouse, blooms like crazy and has a good dose of purple blood (to use for future generations!) Though a young seedling, I have already started using it as a pollen parent.



Wow! That’s amazing!!! Who were the parents?


That’s a nice seedling. I was also impressed by the fresh pink seedling from 2003 on your site as well. Any fragrance on either of these?


The mini parents are: [‘Chipmunk’ X (‘Livin’ Easy’ X Purple Seedling)]. It is fairly fragrant for a mini. The “fresh pink” seedling has a parent in common with the mini, designated only as “purple seedling”. It’s parentage is:[Purple Seedling X (‘Lady of the Dawn’ X ‘Abraham Darby’)]. It has some fragrance, but not as strong as many of it’s sister seedlings. The color on it though is outstanding. Because it seems to set hips so well, I am using the mini and others on it to bring back a stronger purple color and hopefully fragrance.


Oooo! I really love that blended mini.