One of last year's best seedlings

When I began hybridizing in 2000, one of my goals was to breed a better Angel Face. This seedling from last year has better health and vigor than Angel Face, and is very fragrant. The color isn’t quite the same as Angel Face, but I like it. I took this pic today after the morning’s drizzle ended and the clouds cleared

It looks healthy Jim and good petal count by the look of it.

Very nice, Jim. I suppose its garden performance will determine it’s ultimate value.
Do you have Plum Perfect? I don’t grow it, but from images and descriptions, I wonder if it is the new measure for an Angel Face-type rose with very good health. I don’t know if those with more experience would agree or not.

Lovely, Jim! With that parentage, I would expect there to be a good deal of scent, too.

Thank you David, Phillip, and Kim.

Phillip, this has been an unusually cool damp Spring here, and many normally healthy roses have been seriously disfigured by powdery mildew. This seedling has remained clean. The real test will be growing it in other climates. Knock Out is healthy in some locations, but is a disease-ridden runt here. I’m not familiar with Plum Perfect. I wonder what its parents are?

Kim, I’m putting some of the Grey Pearl pollen on this one. Thank you!

Angel Face will be Angel Face. Until chemical spraying is totally a thing of the past it will have its’ fan base. Am I to assume that this is a nice low ,floriferous,
(and healthy) floribunda? Very nice shade of lavender.

You’re welcome, Jim! Feeling kind of perverse using Grey Pearl? hehehe I definitely am, but I’m also using it with stronger growing Teas, Noisettes and Nessie, which should give it some “oomph”! If I can get Actii (Wichurana X Hugonis) to release some pollen, that will go on Grey Pearl, too. 1-72-1Hugonis and 1-72-1Hugonis flore plena already have.

Thank you! This is a low, floriferous, healthy, floribunda, so far. It looks like it’s going to have its mother’s growth habit, which is wider than tall.

This seedling is probably more like an improved Grey Pearl than an improved Angel Face. Yeah, crossing it with Grey Pearl is a bit perverse. I don’t know whether it is female fertile yet, let alone whether it can pass health and vigor to a cross with Grey Pearl. I’m also going to try crossing Grey Pearl with this seedling’s mother, which is quite fertile, and is good at passing health to its seedlings. Good luck with your Grey Pearl crosses!

Here’s a pic of this seedling’s mother.

That’s lovely, Jim! I can put you in touch with two floral rose growers who would faint over this. Koko Loko and Distant Drums are two of their most sought after cut flowers. Those shades are highly prized currently. Not that either is willing to PAY anything for them, but they can sell them like cocaine infused hot cakes!

What do these taste like Kim, " but they can sell them like cocaine infused hot cakes!" LOL
On a serious note Jim, that is good coloring.

I dunno, but you know the old expression…“selling like hot cakes (pancakes)”? Cocaine infused would be addictive and should sell even faster and better! The ideal product with built-in longevity!

Thank you! And it is is very fragrant too. It’s certainly a better plant here than Distant Drums. I don’t know about Koko Loko.

The color varies depending on the weather, sometimes having shades of russet or lavender. It is medium height, wider than tall, and usually has one large, very double bloom per stem. It’s something like a David Austen rose.

I was thinking of naming this one something like ‘Monterey Fog’, but ‘Cocaine Infused Hot Cakes’ would certainly attract more attention! I think you’ve just given this one its nickname.

If you like it, please feel free to use it with my compliments!

I love the color of your new seedling. Very nice.