one leaf or one bud=millions of plants?

Several days ago, occasionally, I found one website .It introduces a miraculous technique of propagating plants in lower cost and higher efficiency than tissue culture and conventional ways.

Ten millions of plants can be propagated in lower cost and higher efficiency than tissue culture an conventional ways through this kind of technique in half one year.

More than 380 varieties have been successfully propagated up to now!

Facts speak louder than words, you can go to clone plant!


It is impressive, yes, but as someone that does tissue culture and experiences the process, that message is just for the best case senario. Often cultivars do not perform as well as others on the same media and the media needs to be tweeked. Roses are notorious for that. It is a great tool indeed to especially bring to market new varieties in larger numbers faster where a premium price can be sought. Many tissue culture businesses went out of business in the 1990’s because this hype in the 1980’s did not come to fruition. For most plants, standard propagation methods are more economical for the amount of plants needed. I work with a woman that used to have one of these businesses in the 1980’s and is great at what she does. Unfortunately, the demand for her work decreased. She has a job in a molecular genetics lab now optimizing tissue culture regeneration protocols for various species with the purpose of inserting foreign genes.




After looking at the web site listed (which is Chinese I believe) I decided the original message was this forum’s equivalent of SPAM. I appreciate your honest evaluation of tissue culture.