Old Garden Rose Cross


Sunset Blvd X Indigo, 15F-13

I got two sprouts from this cross. The first was a short climber, once-blooming, with a single dark red bloom. I discarded it.

The second was repeat blooming, very double quartered dark pink blossoms. Slight fragrance if any. Short climber, now 8 ft high. I have two planted. The foliage was healthy all the way to November, then it developed black blotches. This year’s foliage is as healthy as ever. Roots cuttings easily and sets seeds with viable hips.

Indigo is a Portland Rose by Laffay, before 1845. Repeat bloomer. My original Indigo rose was a traveler and suckered all over the bed. This cross shows no signs of that. Sunset Blvd is an English Legend rose by Harkness (HARbabble). British Rose of the Year award winner, 1997. Unique orange-coral color.

Lovely, John, congratulations!

Great color and form John

Looking good John as it gets older.

Love the “old fashioned” form!