OGRs in breeding programs

Although its the modern type of roses that people use in the breeding programs such as the hybrid teas, minis, English Roses, etc.,. I was wondering if any has used the old garden roses JUST “because…” if you wonder stand what I mean. I wonder if there are people who use them not because of a particular trait such as the old garden form, but use them as a parent for everything because it has been so good to them. I noticed that Madame Isaac Pereire is not only a great pod parent, I get tons of seedlings that are pretty much resistant to disease when compared to other seedlings with modern parents. I was very much surprised because MiP is BS prone (not with me anyways), but seedlings from her a though as nails. The seedlings are very pretty too, every other time I get a nicely delicate colored white/pink blend. Deep pink fuschia or deep pink tones are the typical colors in its babies. I enjoy her a lot in my breeding program last year. I just want to hear from a few people who has a favorite OGR as a stud parent used just like a modern type rose parent in their breeding program.