# of days to maturity

What is the minimum # of days required for seed to mature. I have hips entering the 50 day range. Are seeds good if some hips begin to wither and the seeds pass the float / sink test? Or am I just wasting my time with these young ones?

I think it depends on and variety but I’m erring to the side of caution and going about 120 days now. I harvested some at 90 days last year and think I was a bit premature on some really interesting crosses. I’d like to hear other thoughts on this myself. Thanks, Robert

It depends on the parent. Some species roses and rugosas can ripen seed in less than two months. Modern hybrids generally take three to five months.

The float test also depends on the parent. Fru Dagmar Hastrup seeds always float, but germinate quite well.

The following link describes some research on the float test.


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/floattest.htm

Hi Jerrykr:

Don’t pick them just yet. I agree with Jim Turner that there is quite a range. 3 1/2 months is a good average to use. Ripe hips can be red, orange, yellow or even green. Usually, even if they are green, there is some color noted at the place where the peduncle attaches. Or, some other indicator - with ‘Sexy Rexy’ in our climate, it is a late ripening variety, but when the sepals turn brown and start to fall off, the seed seems to be ripe, because I get a good germination from those hips (they will turn color if you leave the hips on longer).

Good luck!