Odd Germination

My seedlings are beginning to germinate in 32F to 36F weather lol. Usually they begin to germinate around March 31rst and on, but never this early. And it has been such a harsh winter here! They look healthy, and do not seem to be getting damaged by the frost. The first were Touch of Class x Sunstruck/Sunset Celebration mixed pollen. A good start, so far, but unexpected by at least a month!

forgot — btw,

I only do outdoor germinations now, so this is sans fridge, indoor lighting, etc.

Well done! The weather this year has been a complete mess, I’m not surprised that things are confused. The crocuses here are three weeks early…

I’ve had seeds germinate from flats that had frozen solid (because I stupidly left the greenhouse door open one night) and they seem to be perfectly happy, so, who knows!