Nyveldt's White

Continuing researching for new parents to use for breeding stock and wanted to know if anyone is having any luck with NW? What kind of seedlings is it producing? I noticed that there are nothing listed under lineage for this one on HMF. I was thinking that NW would be good for disease resistance and hardiness.

To me it looks like straight rugosa and is always full of hips at the arboretum and flowers intermittently- like a straight rugosa. I wonder if the reported parentage is correct. Anyways, it looks like a very large flowered Rosa rugosa alba and each rugosa like hip is plump full of seeds. I haven’t used it in breeding. It is very healthy too as many of the other rugosas are breaking down from blackspot.



I agree with David. The parentage of this cultivr has always been suspect to me. For one thing, if the parentage is correct I wouldn’t expect it to have repeat bloom. But it’s very self-fertile and therefore could be easy to hybridize with.

I have Rosa rugosa alba, and have had it for over 14 years. It doesnt quite match. The most distinct difference is the foliage shape. R. r a is wider and more rugose, whereas this one seems to have some sort of influence.

If I had to guess, I would guess it was 2 doses or rugosa and one dose of arvensis.

Thanks for the input guys. I’ve often wondered how NW was repeat blooming with the listed parentage. The parentage may be off but I do think there is something in addition to rugosa in the parentage. I’m no expert but from what I’ve seen I would tend to agree with Jadae that the foliage of R. rugosa is wider and more rugose. The flower on NW seems almost a little too big for a pure rugosa. David and Paul make the good points that it is extremely healthy and very fertile so it should have something good to offer as a parent. I’m just surprised that there are no introductions descended from NW. Thanks again.

There me descendants from it since a lot of rugosa hybrids have unlisted parentage :confused:

me= may be. Im tired =/