Nyveldt's Hedge Roses

This one is a mystery whose depths I have been unable to plumb.

From what I have been able to uncover, Nyveldt crossed Rosa rugosa rubra (=R. regeliana) with R. cinnamomea (=majalis), then crossed one or more of the hybrids with R. nitida, apparently a selection or hybrid named ‘Parfum’.

From the seedlings of this last cross (or crosses) he selected a white, a pink and a red. These seem to have collected synonyms. E.g., ‘Snow Hedge’ and ‘White Hedge’ and ‘Nyveldt’s White’ may be the same variety. ‘Pink Hedge’ and ‘Dutch Hedge’ may be the same, as may be ‘English Hedge’ and ‘Red Hedge’.

All the sources I’ve seen (except HelpMeFind) have R. rugosa rubra (one of the extra-hardy Russian rugosas). I don’t know how x Paulii came to be associated with these roses.

Or not.

American Rose Annual, vol. 50 (1965)

Dutch Hedge (A. A. Nijveldt ’58) Rosa rugosa x R. cinnamomea. Root-stock type. Ovoid bud. Pink, small, single blooms. Moderate fragrance. Many thorns. Vigorous growth.

Snow Hedge S (A. A. Nijveldt ’63) R. rubra x R. nitida. Ovoid bud. White, single blooms borne in cluster. Strong fragrance. Light green foliage, many thorns.

Nijveldts White Rg (A. A. Nijveldt ’58) R. rugosa x R. cinnamomea. Ovoid bud. White, large, single blooms. Slight fragrance. Many thorns. Vigorous growth.

Also, Krussmann (Manual of cultivated broad-leaved trees and shrubs, vol. 3, 1984) lists ‘Dutch Hedge’, ‘English Hedge’, ‘Pink Hedge’ and ‘Red Hedge’ separately.

Any suggestions?

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Karl K, sorry to dig up such an old thread but I found what you are saying here really interesting. Have you discovered anything further on this topic?
I don’t know the ancestry of Nyveldt’s Hedge roses, or whether some of them might be the same rose under different names, but I do agree that White/Snow Hedge appear to be one and the same, although Nyveldt’s White seems to be a bigger plant, almost twice as tall per HMF and the website simolanrosario.
In any case it does seem, extrapolating from the info on HMF and the Rugosaroser.dk website, that the Hedges are parents to many if not all of the Pavement roses and also to all of Baum’s “mountain” roses (Mont Blanc, Monte Cassino, Monte Rosa) as well as several others bred by Baum.
I also have wondered if, in spite of Austin’s claim to have used a Svejda rugosa for wild Edric, the code AUShedge might not point to one of these too.

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