Hi, All. I’ve been reading this forum for some time, and either don’t know how to search, or you haven’t discussed breeding roses for non-suckering plants. I have a number of

rugosa hybrids, and have raised some seedlings, of Fru Dagmar

Hartopp, and Corylus. I like the plant habit, reduced need for fertilizer and spraying, but would like to raise plants that remain where planted. Thornlessness would be a bonus.


Ken, many roses do not sucker, or only sucker very rarely and do a good job of “staying put”. Many of the species or near species have a greater tendancy for traveling underground. Roses that do that can be tried on an understock if compatible, otherwise it might take quite a while to breed it out of them, and what you end up with may not be anything like what you started with.

Jim Sproul