Non fading strong yellows


Loved the pics of your yellow seedlings which you posted last year. Thought they were just beautiful. Could you post pics of them when they bloom with your comments on the plants as a whole?

I almost bought a plant of Smooth Buttercup the other day. The plant had a half opened bloom and a bud which were a rich dark yellow. A plant adjacent to it had off white blooms. I thought it was a different variety until I looked at the label and I saw that it was Smooth Buttercup. Apparently it fades to an off white. Some people like this; I don’t. I didn’t buy the plant.

This fading seems to be a common factor in yellows. On Karl Kings’website, one of the articles dealt with the genetic factors of fading/non fading in yellows.

Could we start a list of non fading yellows that we have actually seen in our gardens or at public gardens. So many of the catalogs, books, HMFR either don’t state this quality or mislead.

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Yeah, I will try to remember to get more pics. It’s going to be a hectic summer, tho, as I just found a new internship.

If you want a good start, try using Princess Alice.

Also, some light yellows dont fade bad at all. I’m especially fond of Elina, and, now, of Spanish Sun. I recently just bought city Livery as well. It is a nice light yellow that does well in environments.

However, the issue in yellows isnt always about fading. One of the major issues, which is my focus to breed out, is their susceptibility to poor overwintering, die-back sensitivity due to winter rains/snow and rebloom.

Oh. I do have something to report.

Selfridges x Freedom had 100% rooting rate, which is wonderful for a yellow HT.

About non fading yellows I got six years ago under the name “Star of Persia” a semi climbing yellow once blooming rose very foetida like from Rosa foetida


Where did you get your Star of Persia? I have been searching that rose for several years in France and Germany.

I found Star of Persia in Germany. A nursery that had no website nor email. Had to write and phone… in english. Pretty difficult as the man was as bad at speaking this language as I am.

It is Rosenschule Martin Weingart and there is a website now!

See at HMF.

Star of Persia is under Moschata Hybriden oder…?

A long article for those with german reading habilities.

Printed catalog is quite impressive.

Hi Jim,

I grow a super floribunda called Sunsprite that is a strong non-fading yellow, has very good disease resistant and is fragrant.

I hope this is what you were talking about.



I think Jadae hit on an important point (among many good points about yellows) regarding the isolated trait “non-fading” yellows. Some dark yellows fade rather badly, while some lighter yellows do not. In my opinion, all yellows fade. It is amazing though that some seedlings can have a rich yellow color in the greenhouse, but out in the open sunlight, they fade to white even before they open. In fact you can only see the yellow if you pick an opening flower bud and peel back the other white petals to see the yellow petals inside.

Darker yellows that I like that tend not to fade badly include ‘Henry Fonda’, ‘Midas Touch’, and ‘Julia Child’

Jim Sproul

Jim Sproul:

I have heard good things about Julia Child concerning disease resistance as well. What is your experience?

Thanks. Bob


I’ve emailed the company, and I can only hope that they will reply to me. It’s actually a beautiful rose on its own. Thank you for refreshing my search for this rose…


Two years ago at the ARS Convention in Seattle, the buzz was all about Julia Child in the hybridizer circles - apparently “everybody” is using it! Robyn



The flower i got did fade a way a bit. Not that much but it was still yellow. :slight_smile:

I’ve a OP seedling from a hip I got from my brother. It’s yellow and after 3 days of wind/rain/sun it’s still yellow. Keep you informed.

This is how the seedling looks like:


I believe, still, that Julia Child is better suited for coral, mauve, russet and the like.

I wouldnt recommend Sunsprite because it has die back issues and horrible plant architecture issues (as well as mildew) stemming from Golden Masterpiece. Shockwave is a superior descendant to Sunsprite in terms of a dark gold.


I wasn’t talking about Clare-- I will eventually have her in my garden once people start to circulate cuttings.

I was searching for Star of Persia, and I so happened to notice that Pierre has it in his garden.

It’s very pretty in its pictures, and I’m starting to get a lot of interest in yellow spinossima roses after I have germinated an openly pollinated Harison’s Yellow seedling. All those thorns and ferny/roundish foliage seem very decorative to me.

Bob, ‘Julia Child’ has good PM resistance in our climate. I cannot evaluate for BS since we get so little of it.

Other good points are its floriferousness and plant structure. These are characteristics that it readily passes along to its offspring. It does produce good yellows, but not as “dark” as some others.

Jim Sproul

A footnote about ‘Star of Persia’. The historical descriptions consistently describe the bloom as semi-single to semi-double. The link is to the list of References.

It looks like the bloom photographed by AmiRoses has too many petals and does not show darker, reddish-gold stamens that it should have.